Avoid Making It Easy For Burglars Ahead Of Christmas, AA Warns

Motorists and homeowners are being encouraged to be security-aware in the weeks leading up to Christmas to help reduce their risk of a car break-in or home burglary. With both the shopping and Christmas party seasons in mind, the AA is encouraging people to be careful when leaving their car or home unattended ahead of […]

1 in 3 young women to risk home security this Christmas – thanks to Social Media

Almost 80 percent of young women in Ireland are ramping up their home security this Christmas – but one in three will jeopardise their attempts thanks to oversharing on social media, says AA Home Insurance. A survey of over 5,000 people revealed that women aged between 17 and 24 years old are most likely to […]

Average insurance payout €15,000 following fire, reports AA

AA Ireland receives a slew of home and motor insurance claims every year in the wake of Halloween and is advising homeowners to take extra precautions with their homes and cars to avoid damage from fire and vandalism. The AA reports that despite accoun…

AA Home Insurance tips on keeping your home safe this Halloween

Keep dangerous substances such as oil, petrol, diesel, spray cans locked away and in a fire proof cabinet if you have one. Avoid leaving flammable materials such as foam furniture, paint and tyres lying around your garden. Don’t leave anything flamma…