TG4 documentary on a rebranding mission to give Peig the mother of all make overs

“Seanabhean is ea mise anois go bhfuil cos léi insan uaigh is an chos eile ar a bruach” a quote that fills many with fear. Peig Sayers – widely considered to be the most hated woman in Irish history has tormented young students across Ireland for decades with her memoir ‘Peig’. Described as boring, unrelenting, […]

New Book Celebrates Irish Achievement

What have the Irish ever done for us? – New book celebrates Irish achievement DID you know that a Tipp native was Winston Churchill’s most trusted aide, that the Irish invented cheese & onion crisps, the submarine and chocolate milk? That without the efforts of an Irish engineer the city of Los Angeles would not […]

Irish Rugby fans warned of City Centre delays on Saturday

Irish rugby fans are gearing up for Saturday’s Guinness Summer Series showdown against Wales. As well as ironing your jersey and practising your chants, planning your journey is key if you’re looking to have a stress-free and enjoyable day out. Kick-off for the game is at 2:30pm and on that same day, two demonstrations are […]

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