AA Ireland. Report Highlights 2.47% Increase In Annual Cost Of Running A Home

After dropping for the first time in four years in 2015, the annual cost of owning and maintaining a family home has risen again to €16,611.14 – equating to about 45.39 per cent of the current average Irish national wage, according to figures issued today by AA Home Insurance. The AA carries out a detailed […]

Revenue letters to property tax boycotters contrast with softly softly approach shown to multinationals and criminal bankers

Labour will pay dearly for overseeing money being taken from those least able to pay Responding to the issuing of another tranche of letters by Revenue to PAYE workers threatening that their employer will be imminently instructed to deduct the property tax from their wages, Ruth Coppinger from the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes […]

Hypocrisy of double standard taxation system highlighted by Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes occupation of Revenue Office in O’Connell Street

Protesters chained to furniture in building Less than a week before the deadline for registration for the property tax and the reality of industrial scale tax avoidance by prominent multinationals with the connivance of Ireland’s political and financial establishment has been laid bare. The  CAHWT is currently conducting a peaceful occupation of the Revenue Commissioners office […]

Property tax “totally unnecessary” say campaigners

Campaigners against the property tax have said that the tax, which is being boycotted by huge numbers of people, is “totally unnecessary” and that the government should scrap it “unless it is prepared for a major battle with an angry public.” “The government has claimed it hopes to raise €500million from the property tax,” said […]

“Government and Revenue Commissioners’ spin and intimidation will not break property tax boycott”, says Campaign

They have played for President Obama and have enjoyed chart success all over  the world . Their international hit “There’s no One as Irish as Barack Obama” has reached over ten million YouTube hits while their song about Susan Boyle’s Cat called “I’m Pebbles Boyle, Spare a thought for me” is rumoured to have moved […]

“Revenue figures show very low uptake on registration for property tax” says Campaign

The Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes (CAHWT) has said that that figures released yesterday (Wednesday 24th April) by the Revenue Commissioners show “ a very low uptake on registration for the property tax.” “Less than one-eighth of households have registered at this stage,” said Michael O’Brien, CAHWT spokesperson.  “When we take into account that many of […]

MEP calls on people to join tomorrow’s protest to ‘drive wedge’ into Labour Party over Property Tax

* Labour in disarray, major protests can increase internal divisions * Protests will focus on ‘weak link’ of the government Socialist Party MEP, today called on people to join Saturday’s protest against the property tax at 12.30pm at Parnell Square, which has been organised by the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes: “Over recent weeks […]

Thousands set to march tomorrow on Dublin Castle in a massive show of opposition to property tax and austerity

Ahead of tomorrow’s national demonstration against the property tax robbery, campaign activists and supporters greeted EU dignitaries and finance Ministers arriving at Dublin Castle with a banner advertising the weekend protest. Paul Murphy MEP at Dublin Castle said: “EU finance ministers looking out their car windows on the journey from Dublin Airport to the city […]

Credit Union Survey shows that hundreds of thousands will be compelled by poverty not to pay the property tax!

The latest Irish League of Credit Unions makes grim reading for anyone concerned with the state of our country. 1.6 million people are left to survive on €50 or less per month after their bills have been paid. Into this fragile glass the Government are determined to pour the boiling water of the proposed property […]

IMF document a timely reminder that water tax will quickly follow property tax bringing us a step closer to €1,000 per year in unjust charges

Responding to the news that IMF documents reveal that the government has told the EU Commission that it expects to raise initially €0.5 billion from water charges Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes spokesperson Ruth Coppinger said: “This document is a timely reminder to householders up and down the state that the water tax will […]

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