USI and Mental Health Reform to protest ouside Dáil against the diversion of €12 Million in the Mental Health Budget

The Union of Students in Ireland and Mental Health Reform will be joining outside the Dáil (Kildare St. Entrance) tomorrow, Thursday, April 28th at 12.30pm to protest against the mental health budget diversion of €12 million and to ensure mental health is a priority for the next government. According to a HRB report, 1 in 7 […]

INMO Appeal to Public to join them at Protest Outside Dáil on 14th January

INMO APPEAL TO PUBLIC TO PROTEST OUTSIDE DÁIL –      We must put an end to the appalling indignity of hospital overcrowding   The INMO today called for patient groups and members of the public to join them in their protest at what they described as the appalling overcrowding of our hospitals. The protest will be […]

Steel and resolve of farmers very strong on beef – IFA

Following the IFA  48-hour protest at the meat factories, IFA President Eddie Downey said the steel and resolve of farmers across the country is very strong and they are determined that the factories must respond on prices to reflect the increase in returns from our main export market in the UK.   He said the […]

IFA take Beef Campaign to McDonalds

Speaking at a livestock farmers protest outside McDonalds restaurant in Kilkenny today (Wed), IFA President Eddie Downey said it is totally unacceptable that everybody in the beef supply chain was standing back and letting farmers take the full financial hit in this crisis.   The IFA President said farmers feel betrayed by the unacceptable behaviour […]

Hypocrisy of double standard taxation system highlighted by Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes occupation of Revenue Office in O’Connell Street

Protesters chained to furniture in building Less than a week before the deadline for registration for the property tax and the reality of industrial scale tax avoidance by prominent multinationals with the connivance of Ireland’s political and financial establishment has been laid bare. The  CAHWT is currently conducting a peaceful occupation of the Revenue Commissioners office […]

Red card protest by anti-property tax campaigners is largest against Troika

The ‘red card’ march of thousands yesterday to Dublin Castle was organised by the Campaign Against Home & Water Taxes (CAHWT ) and represents the first major protest against both the property tax and the Troika in Ireland. The CAHWT said that up to 10,000 took part from all corners of the country and is […]

MEP calls on people to join tomorrow’s protest to ‘drive wedge’ into Labour Party over Property Tax

* Labour in disarray, major protests can increase internal divisions * Protests will focus on ‘weak link’ of the government Socialist Party MEP, today called on people to join Saturday’s protest against the property tax at 12.30pm at Parnell Square, which has been organised by the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes: “Over recent weeks […]

Thousands set to march tomorrow on Dublin Castle in a massive show of opposition to property tax and austerity

Ahead of tomorrow’s national demonstration against the property tax robbery, campaign activists and supporters greeted EU dignitaries and finance Ministers arriving at Dublin Castle with a banner advertising the weekend protest. Paul Murphy MEP at Dublin Castle said: “EU finance ministers looking out their car windows on the journey from Dublin Airport to the city […]

Parents Against Child Benefit Cuts to form an action group and march on the Dáil

The Government is finalizing the 2013 budget. Within this Budget there is a proposed cut to the children’s allowance. This cut could be as much as €40. A special advisory group was appointed by Social Protection Minister Joan Burton T.D, and this advisory group recommended the cuts to child benefit, which could save the department […]

Delayed Payments Causing Hardship On Up To 25,000 Farmers

Speaking at a protest at the Department of Agriculture offices in Johnstown Castle in Wexford this morning (Mon), IFA President John Bryan said that the delays arising from the digitising of maps and other issues are causing financial hardship for 25,000 farmers in Disadvantaged Areas, who have still not received payment. John Bryan said that […]