Irish Government sets up a committee while UK government allocates £180 million to solve 4G Interference problems

Though the new 4G LTE Broadband networks are to be rolled out in both Ireland and the UK from the summer of this year, their respective governments have taken a very different approach to facing up to 4G related TV interference problems that will occur.   David Maher, Technical Manager with explains “The UK […]

Public Happy to blame Troika for Analogue TV Black Out !

A new survey by on attitudes to the  imminent Analogue TV switch off have found that over 40% of Consumers indicated they would  blame the Troika if they are left with blank TV screens on October 24th . The online survey found that blaming ‘the Troika’ was the second most popular option among the […]

Sky Subscribers are joining the Free Digital TV Revolution

October 24th is a virtual D Day as the analogue TV signal in Ireland is due to be turned off on this date. RTE have recently launched an advertising campaign to compare the long term costing of Saorview against the subscription satellite prices from Sky and UPC. The experts at have expanded on this […]

Public Still In Denial About Digital TV Switch Over –

1000’s of homes may have blank TV Screens come 24th October There are concerns that the lrish Public will have ignored the frequent warnings about the impending analogue switch off on October 24th this year.” Whilst sales for the required set top boxes to switch to Saorview are steady there are still an estimated over […]