Farmers Encouraged To Recycle Used Tyres At New Bring Centres

IFA Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney has welcomed the announcement by Environment Minister Denis Naughten of bring centre dates for the recycling of used tyres by farmers. Thomas Cooney said, “In July IFA secured a commitment from Minister Naughten that he would make available at least €700,000 to support the farming community to sustainably manage old […]

Michelin Urges Motorists To Get A Grip This Winter

Now is the time to prepare your car for the Winter conditions that lie ahead, tyre manufacturer Michelin advises.   In winter, as temperatures head into single figures, the advice is that motorists would fit tyres designed specifically for winter conditions with compounds that remain flexible to improve grip and braking.   In this respect, the launch […]

Cost Of Driving On Under-inflated Tyres Rising – Michelin Says

The cost of driving on under-inflated tyres has risen over an 18-month period, in line with the cost of fuel – according to tyre manufacturer Michelin. In a statement, the Company says tyre pressures have a direct impact on a vehicle’s fuel economy, with under-inflation increasing both fuel usage and carbon emissions, whilst also posing […]

Men More Confident When it Comes To Car Maintenance, AA Survey Finds

Just 46.73% of motorists describe themselves as “very confident” in their ability to change a tyre if needed, while 42% are very confident when it comes to checking or changing their oil. 77% of men “very confident” when it comes to carrying out a tyre change; just 17.5% of women very confident in their ability […]

Good Weather Forecast Brings Driving Dangers – AA

With the mercury set to rise for the weekend the AA is warning drivers that hot summer weather can cause problems for cars. AA Rescue is expecting an increase in breakdowns caused by over heating or tyre issues, and more seriously there are road safety concerns. “Hot weather can make life hard for a driver.” […]

Michelin Unveils Crossclimate+ Tyres

Timely news for Irish motorists is the announcement by Michelin of its plans to expand its range of summer tyres with winter capabilities with the introduction of CrossClimate+ fitments, built to offer improved traction on snow-covered roads. Soon to be launched in 15 to 18-inch sizes initially, the CrossClimate+ tyres are designed to counter the […]

Prepare Now For Winter Motoring Conditions – Mitchelin Advises

Now is the time to prepare your car for the Winter conditions that lie ahead, tyre manufacturer Michelin advises.   Against the backdrop of survey results conducted by them showing that sixty per cent of motorists drive with tyres that are underinflated, it is noted that, with normal tyres, low temperatures can harden the tread, […]

Motorists To Be Hit €80 Fine And Given 2 Penalty Points For Defective Tyres

There will be tougher penalties for Motorists who are caught driving with defective tyres, from Sundaymotorists will receive an €80 fine and hit with penalty points if they are driving with unsafe tyres. It is understood drivers will recieve two points on the spot if they for pay up immediately, however they will receive four […]

RSA Study Gets Michelin Support

Tyre manufacturer Michelin is supporting the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and its efforts to raise public awareness of the importance of tyre safety. In an analysis by RSA of fatal road accidents occurring in Ireland between 2008 and 2012 just published, defective tyres were identified as the largest single ‘vehicle factor’ involved. As part of […]

Michelin Introduces New CrossClimate Tyre

A tyre that performs equally well on sun-baked roads in Summer and on snow-covered roads in Winter has been invented by Michelin. Appropriately named Michelin CrossClimate, it is a world-first and a boon to Irish motorists throughout the year – even during those infrequent severe winter spells. Where it was advisable previously to keep two sets of tyres– one for […]

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