Harkin MEP Denounces Irish Politicians on Water Charges

Irish politicians who were trying to blame Brussels on the water charges issue in pursuit of their own agendas had no legal basis for their arguments. This charge was levelled in the European Parliament in Strasbourg by Independent MEP Marian Harkin when she denounced political attempts to blame Brussels in the current controversy. Marian Harkin […]

‘To pay or not to pay water charges, there is no Question’- Harkin MEP

“There is no question as to whether Ireland will not be in breach of EU regulations if we decide not to apply water charges.” This was stated by Marian Harkin MEP, having analysed EU Commission responses and a recent judgment from the European Court of Justice. The first and most obvious reason is that Water […]

Irish Water Fiasco

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly to resign following confirmation of an embarrassingly low rate of payment of bills from Irish Water. Deputy McGrath was speaking after the controversial quango released figures indicating that just 43% of the company’s 1.5 million customers have paid their bills; leaving […]

Government Must Withdraw Water Charges

Seamus Healy TD said that well over half of those billed have not paid the water charge.  This shows that the majority of the Irish people are opposed to these charges and the Government and Minister Kelly should  now withdraw the charges. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the biggest civil society organisation in Ireland, […]

TEEU calls for abolition of Water Charges

Technical Engineering and Electrical Union representing 40,000 Irish craft workers have called for the abolition of Water Charges at their national Conference    TradeUnion Update on Water Charges TEEU now joins MANDATE, UNITE, CWU, CPSU, OPATSI in campaigning for abolition. But SIPTU still supports the principal of charging households for water. This makes water a tradeable commodity […]

IFA gets confirmation of no water charges for private wells

IFA Environment and Rural Affaris Chairman Harold Kingston has welcomed a commitment from the Commission for Energy Regulaion (CER) that households with private wells will not pay additional charges for their water. This clear commitment was given to the IFA at a recent meeting with the CER.       While welcoming this commitment, Harold […]

Minister Hogan underestimating cost of water charges – Purchase.ie

Purchase.ie, the online store which specialise in products that save energy and conserve water, has estimated that households with five people are likely to pay close to 700 Euro a year in water charges, and not an annual bill of €450 as stated recently by Minister Phil Hogan. The report (Water Charges Made Simple – […]

Restaurant Body Warns of Further Closures as Local Authorities Destroy Small Rural Restaurants

The Restaurants Association of Ireland has warned of inevitable job losses in rural communities as local authorities continue to increase rates and destroy small restaurants. Based on a recent business survey carried out by the Restaurants Association of Ireland, it was found that most participants have experienced an increase in their rate charges in the […]

IMF document a timely reminder that water tax will quickly follow property tax bringing us a step closer to €1,000 per year in unjust charges

Responding to the news that IMF documents reveal that the government has told the EU Commission that it expects to raise initially €0.5 billion from water charges Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes spokesperson Ruth Coppinger said: “This document is a timely reminder to householders up and down the state that the water tax will […]

Water tax threats a “declaration of war” says Campaign

Reports that Irish householders can expect to receive their first bills for a water tax by early 2014 have been described by the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes as “proof that the government has declared war on Irish householders”. “We have been barraged for the last few days with talk about a property tax […]

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