High Court injunction sought against Anglo payments Summons presented to Taoiseach’s Office

At 2:00pm today, Tuesday March 27 a petition was presented to the High Court seeking an injunction to prevent the Taoiseach and his Government making any further payments to unsecured Anglo bondholders. After they presented their case at the High Court, Ben Gilroy, John Squires and their supporters walked from the Four Courts to An Taoiseach’s office and presenting the summons there at 15.00.

Ben Gilroy, one those seeking the injunction, said:

“We are taking this action to prevent the government paying any more of our people’s money to private gamblers on the stock exchange. This course of financial madness must be stopped as it burdens upon all people of the state. It is because of this madness that we now face crazy fiscal policy like taxing human rights: i.e. the right to own a home is being subjected to a household tax.”

John Squires, also seeking an injunction, said:

“Continuing to pay these debts is plunging the country into further unnecessary debt and hardship. Anglo and other banks broke the Liquidity laws when they issued many of their now-toxic loans. It is unconstitutional for our government to bail out such criminals and to support such illegal activity, to the detriment of Irish families.”

Joan Collins TD said:

“I’m very pleased to support this initiative today. Up and down the country householders are struggling to make ends meet: these are the people who need to be bailed out – not the anonymous bondholders. The government must take measures to bring a write down of mortgages on peoples’ homes to affordable levels.”

Clare Daly TD said:

“From next Monday the government will declare approximately one million householders to have broken the law because they have not registered for the household tax. Yet the people at the top of the banks, who broke legal regulations and brought about the collapse of the economy, have walked away with huge pensions. Meanwhile the ordinary people of this country are burdened with the debts from bank bailouts. This must stop – now!”

This action is being brought by Ben Gilroy and John Squires of ‘People for Economic Justice’, with the support of ‘Defend Our Homes League’, ‘It’s Not Our Debt .com’, the ‘Anti-eviction Task Force’ and other concerned groups.

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