Hogan announces Public Consultation on Septic Tank Performance Standards.

The Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan TD
today (18.1.2012) announced during the Select Sub-Committee on Environment,
Community and Local Government there will be a period of public
consultation on septic tanks performance standards following the
legislation being enacted next week.

Speaking at the Sub-Committee Minister Hogan said; ‘Before finalising the
regulations on performance standards, including the requirements for
maintenance and desludging, there will be a period of public consultation.
Following enactment of the legislation, my Department will draft
standards with the EPA and those guidelines will then be the subject of a
public consultation. I encourage Public Representatives and members of the
public to engage with the process and voice any concerns they might have.”

“Based on experience with inspections carried out in County Cavan, the
majority of tanks are likely to be working well. The legislation will
provide for a proportionate and risk-based approach to inspections.
Inspections will be concentrated on sensitive areas with higher risk to the
environment and public health. Only a minority of systems will need

“My responsibility as the Minister for Environment is to protect the ground
water supply and human health. As a result of a European Court of Justice
ruling that dates back to 2009, this legislation is needed to prevent
Ireland being faced with large fines, more than €9.5 million per annum.
The central strand of Ireland’s defence in this case will be that the
necessary legislative measures have been put in place to protect ground
water. I am determined to ensure that the necessary measures are in place
by the time Ireland summits it rejoinder to the ECJ on the 3rd of February.”

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