Open Letter Re Fiscal Treaty Referendum

Dear Representative
We are delighted with the decision this week to offer the people of Ireland an opportunity to voice their concerns with regard to the future generations of Irish citizens and the current social slaughter being carried out by the government to suit private bankers.
It was a true showing of political courage and moral standing today as deputy Éamon Ó Cuiv rejected the party line in favour of representing conscientiously the ordinary man and woman in Ireland, this came as no surprise to many of his supporters and indeed even his detractors have to admit that his representation of the people has been consistent right through his career, in fact Éamon’s involvement in the Co-Op movement signalled his desire to see parity of favour in all aspects of Irish life.
It is with this in mind, we at the People’s Association Watchdog would like to ask each and every one of you, Will you be supporting a yes or no campaign in the upcoming referendum?  We would be grateful if you would please explain your own personal reason for voting the way you will and not just repeat the mantra that will have been embedded into your arsenal of sound bytes.
The notion that by voting yes will somehow prevent future administrations from over spending just doesn’t wash, if a government does not meet the demands of the ESM, will the members of that government be sanctioned somehow or imprisoned? Or will the people of Ireland have to pay whopping fines for the mismanagement of a few public servants?
I know that the vast majority of you are not very familiar with the draft of the treaty so I will not waste your time or mine in citing articles of same that are repugnant to any democracy, I will however ask you to take a couple of hours and read it for yourself, I would also like to draw your attention to the phraseology of the significantly unusual preamble of the document, the bold and highlighted words are more suited to a snake oil salesman’s patter than to document of such weight.
We would like you to please research the document yourself and don’t depend on an assistant or advisor to explain the intricacies of it, it is an easy read and has a gripping storyline that could end in tragedy should you vote with your party rather than your conscience.
Ask yourself, realistically can Ireland meet the demands of the treaty, considering the situation we are in now and for the foreseeable future, 0.5% has not been achieved since 2006 when Ireland was at the pinacle of an inflated false economy.
Please use common sense, courage and compassion for your future generations when deciding how to vote on this crucial issue.
Please represent the People, Vote No.
Yours Sincerely
Patrick Grant
People’s Association Watchdog

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