Rory McIlroy Song-Corrigan Brothers

Corrigan Brothers- the Irish Band who had the international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” reaching seven million you tube hits and charting all over the world and playing for President Obama,celebrate Ireland’s golfing wonder Rory McILROY in song. Lead singer Ger Corigan said “Rory deserves a song to mark this milestone”. The brothers who are avid golfers wish  to performing the song Live for Rory and are thrilled to record this wonderful occasion in song. Lead singer Ger Corrigan said, “It is a remarkable achievement for an Irishman, it is great to see Rory make it to World number one”. The new single releases to radio on Tuesday March 6th.



Rory McIlroy Song-  Corrigan Brothers-  2012- celebrating the achievement of Rory  becoming World Number One



In Hollywood Ireland

in the county of Down

they’re celebratin’

and paintin’ the town

in the Honda classic

in the Florida sun

young Mcilroy

became golf’s number one



when he was a young boy

his ambition unfurled

he wanted to be

number one in the world

instead of pitchin’

on to the green

he chipped  into his mum’s

washing machine


66 67 66 69

Were the scores

On the PGA

National course

The talented tiger

Came with a late run

But Rory held out

To be number one


On greens and on tees

In rough and in sand

His clubs are like magic wands

In his hand

And all of his fans are

Wishin and hopin

That he’ll win more majors

Masters and opens


So here’s to the young man

And what he’s done

On top of the world

He is golf’s number one

With a smile on his face

He’s golf’s wonderboy

The World’s number one

Rory McIlroy


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