MEP demands submissions on Fiscal Treaty are released after Irish government blocks their release

· E.U. says release of Irish submissions would be threat to E.U. stability

· What did the government say? Wall of Silence must be broken

· Did government argue for the inclusion of the ‘Blackmail Clause’?

Socialist Party / United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy, has demanded that the E.U. release five submissions which were made by the Irish government during the writing of the Fiscal Compact, and which the government has demanded remain secret.

“The Irish government have engaged in a round of secret diplomacy with these submissions. Now, they have intervened to stop the documents being released because it would apparently undermine the financial and social stability of the E.U.

“The government has serious questions to answer. It cannot hide behind a wall of silence. It must answer the questions: what was in these submissions that is so important it could undermine the whole E.U.?

“Did the government have a role to play in the inclusion of the blackmail clause? Why does it not want the Irish people to know how they were represented by this government?

“Enda Kenny must answer these questions immediately.”

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