Phil Hogan’s €5 ‘special offer’ septic tank tax will be decisively rejected by midnight tonight by an overwhelming majority

Responding to tonight’s midnight deadline for the €5 ‘special offer’ for registering your septic tank Owen Curran from the Donegal campaign and national campaign septic tank sub committee said:

“Tax-payers in rural areas feel hard done by that billions have been spent in the last ten years on up-grading waste-water treatment systems in urban areas.
People understand that the up-grading of any faulty septic tank is necessary.

“It is unsustainable to attempt to remedy any problems on an individual basis.It is also un-fair that septic tank owners should be responsible for the cost, when you consider that septic tanks are only responsible for 7% of ground water pollution through out the state. 

“Donegal has suffered ,and paid the price of this economic crash through un-employment,emigration and negative equity. People simply cannot afford the potential up-grading costs.

“Around the coast of Donegal people can see sewage running directly into the sea from the states own sewers .In areas like Leitrim for example people are concerned about this Governments  easy going attitude re Fracking licences and the potential of this process to pollute ground water.

“The fact that the overwhelming majority of liable people will have ignored by midnight tonight Minister Hogan’s ‘special offer’ to register for €5 is extremely encouraging. The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes will feature its opposition to the boycott of the septic tank registration tax strongly in rural and semi rural communities across the state at the scores of local meetings and protests to come.”

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