Protest marks €1billion handover

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) staged a protest outside AIB headquarters today (Monday 1st October) to “highlight the fact that yet another €1billion of taxpayers’ money is today being handed over to unsecured AIB bondholders.”

The protest involved a re-enactment of the scandal with Minister Phil Hogan,  issuing a householder with a court summons for €100, while at the same time handing over a  cheque for one billion to bondholders.


“This payment is being made at the same time as the government are increasing their threats to take people to court for refusing to pay the household tax,” said Cllr. Ruth Coppinger, CAHWT spokesperson.


“Paying out this money– the equivalent of 10 million household tax payments – makes a mockery of government claims that the household tax is needed to fund local services,” Cllr. Coppinger continued.


“The government has made a decision to slash public services and impose new taxes on ordinary people in order to pay off these reckless gambling debts,” Cllr. Coppinger concluded. “This is economic lunacy. Austerity policies are crippling any possibility of economic recovery. That is why 700,000 households are refusing to pay the household tax and why any threatened court cases will be met by massive protests. It is also why hundreds of thousands of people who felt threatened into paying the household tax this year will join the popular boycott when the property tax is introduced next year.”

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