Higgins Lifts The Lid On New Garda Whistleblower Files

Jim Higgins MEP has confirmed that he has sent two new, very serious Garda whistleblower files to the Minister for Justice.


MEP Higgins explained that the whistleblowers came to him because of his record in the area and his work for the McBrearty family, who had been wrongly accused of murder, which resulted in the Morris Tribunal.


“While any interference with our justice system is totally unacceptable, the accusations contained in the files are extremely serious.  I’m talking the planting of drugs, framing of suspects, and extreme bullying, with tragic consequences, for those who don’t play ball.  Obviously this matter needs to be investigated immediately.”


“When I met the whistleblowers, they presented me with very real and shocking information.  At present, I am working with both the whistleblowers and Minister Fitzgerald to ensure that their accusations are investigated in a fair and immediate manner.”


Jim Higgins was adamant that we need more than an investigation.  “We need to overhaul our entire attitude towards whistleblowers – they are an integral part of our justice system, protecting it and us from within.”


“We need to ensure an environment where whistleblowers are afforded the protection, gratitude and respect that they deserve for having the courage to come forward when they believe there’s something sinister afoot.”

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