Restaurateurs Encourage Garth Brooks Fans to Visit Dublin and Attend Country & Western Events

The Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) is today encouraging Garth Brooks fans who were meant to travel to Dublin for the concerts to continue with their travel plans and partake in events organised by Fáilte Ireland instead.


400,000 concert goers were expected to arrive in Dublin to attend the five Garth Brooks concerts, but Fáilte Ireland has planned events and promotions in Dublin in their place. The RAI is supporting the events that will entice the 70,000 overseas visitors to still make the journey to Ireland.


Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Adrian Cummins, said that all restaurants in Dublin are encouraged to take part in the newly created festival.


“We are working closely with Fáilte Ireland and other industry bodies to ease the disappointment of the 400,000 Garth Brooks fans. RAI member restaurants had themed events and promotions already planned for the concerts, and will continue with these endeavours to welcome people travelling to Dublin for the concert.


There is no reason why overseas visitors should cancel their travel plans, as there is so much to see and do in Dublin at the end of July. The entire country can benefit from the concert-goers and visitors, and we must ensure that they feel welcomed and know of the events taking place.”


The events that have been scheduled to take place include;

  • Whelan’s Bluegrass, Country & Roots Festival, Whelan’s
  • Nashville Comes To Dublin, The Sugar Club
  • In Lonesome Dame, Dame Lane
  • Stetson & The City Music Trail


Tourism outlets and participants are asked to use the hashtag #DublinGoesCountry on Twitter to spread the word about events.


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