Government Must Withdraw Water Charges

Seamus Healy TD said that well over half of those billed have not paid the water charge.  This shows that the majority of the Irish people are opposed to these charges and the Government and Minister Kelly should  now withdraw the charges. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the biggest civil society organisation in Ireland, has voted overwhelmingly against the imposition of these charges.


Irish people already pay for water through general taxation including VAT. The majority are refusing to pay a second time.


The Fine Gael/Labour Government gave 80 million Euro in tax relief in the last budget to over 100,000 people who earn 180,000Euro per year each. But it is persisting with a charge that amounts to double taxation of households including very poor households.


The widespread refusal to pay the first water bill should encourage many more to refuse to pay the second bill.


As no penalties take effect before the next general election, people can continue to refuse to pay and can vote out the present government and elect candidates committed to abolishing the charges in the election.

I will continue to refuse to pay


The mass refusal to pay is a huge boost to the Anti-Water Charges Campaign which will be holding a mass march in Dublin on August 29.


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