Tipperary Undergoing A Wave Of Employment Uncertainty

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has expressed serious concern around the mounting uncertainties and threats to employment occurring across County Tipperary. Deputy McGrath was speaking after it was confirmed that Procter and Gamble has sold its Nenagh plant to US cosmetics firm Coty, while Clonmel’s Boston Scientific have also confirmed that they are imposing a significant pay cut for General Operatives at their plant:

“Over the course of the last month significant and well established businesses in Tipperary have been either announcing major job losses or news of uncertainty about their future prospects.

This does not bode well for the economic stability of the County or for the continuation of investment opportunities within the region.

There is a shadow of job insecurity hanging over the County that must be dispelled.

In the last month alone we have had the sudden departure of Tullamore Dew from Clonmel side by side with continuing industrial unease at Bulmers and C&C.

Now the workers in Boston Scientific are facing a 10% pay cut and end to the 20% premium payments on day shift rosters.

Whatever the internal justifications for these moves, the workers will perceive them as indications of further cuts to come, or at the very least as signs of instability within the business.

It is nationally recognised that there is an enormous disparity within the regions, with Dublin continuing to receive the lions share of State funding and support.

Tipperary has two Ministers at the Governments table who must do more in terms of offering practical long term assistance to the industrial and economic infrastructure of the county and opening up channels through which this State support can be accessed.

Tipperary cannot and will not be left behind,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


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