Equality in Education Alliance announce permanent record of State illegality

A successful Darwin Day Information Meeting has placed on the public record the illegality practised within the State in the field of education. The Equality in Education Alliance (EEA) are pleased to advise that they have gathered into one on-line location a permanent record of this.

Equality in Education Alliance announce permanent record of State illegality

Roopesh Panicker and Fachtna Roe prior to the Information Meeting.

Fachtna Roe said: “Every candidate in the forthcoming Election was invited. As expected only a few took time away from canvassing to attend. As each presentation on the day was recorded and has been uploaded to VoteForEquality.ie I challenge to all members of the next Dáil to fix the problem.”

The EEA particularly suggest everyone elected this February watch the videos from Irish National Schools Trust and from Citizens to separate Church & State. These outline the origins of the National School system in Ireland, and how it was hijacked to become a system which discriminates against children. The absence of Constitutional support for this practice has now been read into the public record.”

Roopesh Panicker added: “We are most pleased that all the main organisations fighting against the educational-Apartheid system in our State came to share their knowledge with each other.”

Because of limited time only three parents spoke, but we could have had so many more as this is a growing problem. We now have the VoteForEquality.ie website to allow people to see where each candidate in their constituency stands on this issue.”

Organiser Fachtna Roe said: “Average citizens still have no idea that discrimination occurs. Even less do they know that the National Schools were never built or bought by the Roman Catholic Church. Though they are routinely referred to as ‘Catholic schools’, hardly a penny – if even that much – was ever given by the Roman Catholic Church to build or operate them.”

These schools are in practice Catholic, but they have limited – if any – right to be exclusively so. The State pays for their running on a continuing basis from general taxation. That taxation is taken from all citizens regardless of creed, so all citizens should have equal access regardless of creed.”

It is intolerable that wholesale discrimination against children should exist. It’s as bad as the days of the South African Apartheid regime. Ireland’s educational-Apartheid is Ireland’s international embarrassment, and people are unaware of this, particularly as media have not picked up on the increasing seriousness of the situation.”

“This is the single biggest issue facing the State today. This issue runs directly contrary to the spirit and words of paragraph 4 of the Proclamation, and is evidence that the South is not a Republic; not when when some children are treated as second-class. In a Republic, there is only one class, that’s equal. No-one is equal until everyone is equal, and the State sponsors this sinister system.”

“The education and well-being of it’s next generation is the first responsibility of every society, and no Citizen – male or female – should stand by while educational-Apartheid is practised in their name. To not stand up in support of equality for all children, is to resile from the first duty of the Citizen. In the case of candidates, such a repudiation of civic duty marks them out as unworthy of public office.”

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