European Amputee Football Games To Be Held At UL Sports, Limerick

The European Amputee Football Games will be held at UL Sports Limerick (3G Pitches) on 11th June 2016 from 12.3pm to 3pm and is open to all ages.
The Irish Amputee Football Teams are an outreach project and provide theraeutic sport.  All of the team players have a disability, whether it is an upper or lower limb loss.  Some patients come from clinics around several parts of the country to take part and find they can still play football without too much difficulty.  There is a Senior Squad which will be representing Ireland in Poland in June this year and as far as the children have a therapeutic outlet, they too can aspire to make the Senior Squad.
Back in March this year, Dublin hosted the very first Junior European Football Camp. Children and families came from Poland, UK, Netherlands and Italy. In recent months amputee football in Europe has taken off and there are now 15 countries with their own Amputee Football Associations. The European Amputee Football Federation has given a grant to some of these countries, to help develop the sport.  The Irish Amputee Team was successful and are running their European Development Training Weekend in June.
There will be an open afternoon during their weekend, to raise awareness and encourage more people to support the sport and take part. It is a free event so why not join up. Together, everything is possible!

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