AA Survey Finds 80% Of Motorists View Under-Use Of Fog Lights As Major Issue

Improper use of fog lights by other road users is a key concern of motorists during the winter period, with over 80% holding the view that fog lights are under used by other drivers – research carried out by AA Ireland has found.

In an AA Motor Insurance Survey of over 9,000 people, 46.75% of those surveyed agreed completely with the claim that the under-use of fog lights would be a major issue during their daily winter commute.  Meanwhile, a further 35.86% of motorists surveyed stated that they were somewhat in agreement with this claim.

The survey also found that women are significantly more likely than men to view the under use of fog lights by other road users as a major issue. 51.51% of women surveyed stated they agreed completely with the claim that other road users under-using their fog lights would be an issue during their winter driving, compared to 41.55% of men.

“Remarkably, we get more complaints in to AA Roadwatch about fog lights than almost anything else.” Says Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan. “It really is something that other drivers find annoying. You may be unaware of it while you drive but your rear fog light can be dazzling and distracting for the car behind when foggy conditions improve.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 34.78% of motorists strongly believe that the over use of fog lights by other drivers will be a major issue over the coming months, with a further 33.16% partially agreeing with this claim.

Meanwhile, just over 10% of drivers stated that they at least somewhat disagreed with the over-use of fog lights by other road users being an issue during their winter driving.

“It is not hard to get it right when it comes to fog lights.” Says Faughnan. “You use them in foggy conditions or in falling snow and they are very helpful. But afterwards, turn them off. We have a terrible tendency to be much too casual about that.”

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