1 In 8 Damaged Home When Attempting DIY Job – AA Ireland

Just under 13% of Irish homeowners have managed to do some sort of damage to their property while attempting DIY, according to the results of the latest AA Ireland Home Insurance survey.

The survey, which was carried out in April 2017, found that just over 1 in 8 admitted that their attempt at DIY had ended in some form of damage, with men proving to be slightly more willing to attempt DIY than women. Of the responses given, nearly 16% of men had damaged their home while attempting DIY, in comparison to just over 9% of women admitting the same.

Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs at the AA said: “Before attempting DIY, it is important to check your Home Insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for accidental damage. Homeowners assume that they are automatically covered for this but it isn’t always the case.”

“Chances are you won’t do any damage, there is always a risk something may occur and the last thing anyone wants is the stress and hassle involved when you’ve realised that the damage caused by DIY isn’t covered and that you’ll have to fork out yourself to get it fixed.”

Of the 13% who admitted to causing damage due to DIY, 4% had to pay for the damage to be fixed themselves, while 8% reported no cost in repairing the damage.

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