New online course for Prediabetes & Type 2

We developed an online educational course that people can follow from the comfort of their own home following a visit to their GP where they have been told one of 2 things :

  • “you have Type 2 diabetes” or
  • “if you don’t change your diet and lifestyle you will get Type 2 – you have Prediabetes”


The online course is free, people just need an email and access to a computer at home with broadband. The press release in this web link explains it and has some handy visuals that you can see that help to give you a taste of what users will see and experience.


We  need to get some of the 200,000 people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 aware and using this course AND there are thousands who have undetected type 2 (according to International Diabetes Federation). The more people know about diabetes, the better they manage it so the less blindness, limb-loss and stroke our population suffer. Diabetes is a nasty condition if it is ignored.


Three primary risk factors for Type 2 are over 40 years of age, overweight (especially around the middle) and not active so you only have to look at any of our high streets in our cities, towns and villages to know this epidemic is real!


We would truly appreaciate you doing a feature or mentioning this new inline course to help us get the word out there?


Here is the link

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