Final auction results of the second Renewable Electricity Support Scheme 2 (RESS 2) auction have been published

The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) provides support to renewable electricity projects in Ireland. With a primary focus on cost effectiveness, the RESS delivers a broader range of policy objectives, including:

  • providing an Enabling Framework for Community Participation through the provision of pathways and supports for communities to participate in renewable energy projects
  • increasing technology diversity by broadening the renewable electricity technology mix
  • delivering an ambitious renewable electricity policy to 2030
  • increasing energy security, energy sustainability and ensuring the cost effectiveness of energy policy

The RESS 2 auction will support the achievement of the increased ambition of up to 80% renewable electricity by 2030 as set out under the National Development Plan and the policies and measures in the Climate Action Plan 2021. The RESS Scheme ensures that we are on a pathway to meet our ambitious climate targets and lays the foundations of a thriving and cost effective renewable electricity market. This will support the growth of the green economy, create sustainable work opportunities, and ultimately benefit the consumer as renewables become more cost effective.

Auction Update

The final results of the RESS 2 auction were approved by government and are available on the EirGrid website.

The successful projects in RESS 2 represent a potential increase of nearly 20% in Ireland’s current renewable energy generation capacity. They will be delivered between 2023 and 2025.

2,748 GWh of the 3,772 GWh bids submitted were successful in the auction. This equates to approximately 414 MW of onshore wind and 1,534 MW of solar.

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