Tips law will put money into the pockets of hospitality workers

Several years of campaigning by trade unions have paid off for workers in the hospitality sector as from now on tips and gratuities will go directly into their pockets. The Payment of Wages (Tips & Gratuities) Act 2022, was signed into law by the President, Mr. Michael D. Higgins.

Clem Shevlin spokesperson for ONE Galway, said “This is a really positive move to improve conditions for workers in hospitality because we know from our work in this sector that there is widespread misappropriation of tips and gratuities and because tips weren’t protected in law, there was no redress for workers.  This has now changed with the enactment of this law”.

“But there is plenty more to do, hospitality remains the lowest paid sector in our economy with more than 40% of minimum wage workers employed here.  Research also indicates that workers are not, in all instances, receiving their full statutory entitlements to things like annual leave and rest breaks.  There are also workers reporting harassment and bullying, so it is really important that workers are aware of their rights.  And we in the ONE Galway initiative, which reflects the trade union movement locally, intend to ensure that all workers, including those in hospitality, are aware of their rights and are working with us to secure those rights, both old and new”.

“And as stated at a recent Joint Oireachtas Committee on Tourism and Hospitality, this is only a starting point to make improvements for workers and ensure the sector provides decent employment,” said Fiona Dunne ICTU.  “Whilst employers state that it is increasingly difficult to find staff willing to work in hospitality, we have said time and again, that people are willing to work and remain in a sector where there is adequate training, decent pay (well above minimum wage levels), adherence to the range of employment legislation to which they are entitled, career opportunities and progression and dignity and respect in all interactions”

“As this new law is enacted, and workers receive some of what they are entitled to, we would again ask employers to work with us and re-engage in the Joint Labour Committee system, so that the sector can become one which is known for its welcome and service and not for its exploitation and shoddy employment practices,” she said.

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