Explantion of new Motor Tax rates as discussed on Ireland AM this morning

Hi All, apologies we had a slight server error with our blog but as you can see all back up and running.  See below link to the Department of Transport’s PDF which outlines the changes to motor tax bands and rates : Revision to VRT and Motor…

Enormous Challenge Ahead for Social Housing Providers

Budget 2012 has delivered yet more difficult news for vulnerable households in need of social housing. Non-profit housing associations will be affected by both capital and revenue funding cuts which make the challenge of delivering social housing for vulnerable groups more difficult. The capital funding budget has been reduced yet again by 23% as well […]

Irish Citizen’s letter to EVERY minister in the Government

“Dear Minister, I am a typical Irish citizen, I’m 41, I work full-time as a bar manager, I pay my mortgage each month with my partner for my little terraced home in the border town of Dundalk, I pay my taxes (even though our roads are falling apart, my local hospital is all but closed, […]