New EPA Online Portal provides full and open access to environmental enforcement information

·       From today the EPA’s new LEAP Online portal enables easy access to environmental enforcement information providing full public access to our enforcement activities. ·       Through LEAP Online the public will be able to see information on site inspections, monitoring, incidents, non-compliances, complaint summaries and also compliance investigations into issues detected at EPA licensed sites. ·       LEAP Online […]

EPA continued to provide essential environmental enforcement activities during the Covid-19 pandemic using innovative approaches

The EPA employed a range of tools to assess compliance at licensed sites during 2020 and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, including the innovative use of Remote Compliance Assessments. Odour complaints about licensed facilities rose dramatically in 2020, peaking in April.  Overall, there was a 92% increase in complaints received by the EPA. The EPA continued […]

Local authority environmental enforcement activities are increasing, but challenges remain in waste, farm and air quality inspections

Local authorities increased environmental enforcement activities in 2018 and met their overall performance target. Further improvements are required in aspects of their enforcement work and local authorities need to:make sure waste is segregated at source by businesses and householders to improve recovery;improve sharing of information on waste enforcement to ensure that illegal waste activities can be […]