Supermacs and McDonalds cannot be used as an excuse for beef cuts- Macra na Feirme

Macra na Feirme calls for processors to not use the shift in consumer demand as an excuse to pull beef prices below their already unsustainable level. “Supermacs and McDonalds may be a massive user of beef for burgers and other products, but supermarkets are seeing unprecedented demand for products including meat products, so there is […]

McDonald’s and Other Closures require EU Commission Action – IFA

IFA President Tim Cullinan said the decision by McDonald’s to close its restaurants here and in the UK will put further pressure on the beef sector. “Unfortunately, this is what’s happening across Europe where closures have had an impact on the food service sector. However, some of this has been mitigated by an increase in […]

IFA take Beef Campaign to McDonalds

Speaking at a livestock farmers protest outside McDonalds restaurant in Kilkenny today (Wed), IFA President Eddie Downey said it is totally unacceptable that everybody in the beef supply chain was standing back and letting farmers take the full financial hit in this crisis.   The IFA President said farmers feel betrayed by the unacceptable behaviour […]

IFA Welcome Mcdonalds and Dawn Meats New €300 Million Contract for Irish Beef

IFA President John Bryan today welcomed the announcement of a new €300m contract for the supply of Irish beef between Dawn Meats and McDonalds describing it as ‘a major positive development for the Irish beef and livestock sector’.   John Bryan said Dawn Meats have been awarded a 5-year contract worth €300m to process up […]