Greek ‘Bravery’ must be followed by EU action

Sinn Féin MEP and member of the European Parliament’s Economic & Monetary Affairs committee, Matt Carthy, has said that the irrefutable decision of the Greek people must be respected and acted upon.

Speaking as reports indicate that an ‘Oxi/No’ victory in the Greek referendum Carthy said:

“It was a brave decision of the Syriza government to allow voters to make a final declaration on the proposed terms of the troika.  It was an even braver act on behalf of the Greek people to vote No in such large numbers.

“The bravery of the Greek people must now be followed by respect and action on the part of EU institutions and governments.  The comments from EU leaders throughout the past week have been unhelpful and the position of the Irish government has been shameful.

“Now is the time for Europe to redeem itself.  It is clear that Greek debt relief is absolutely necessary and that the country needs measures that will facilitate growth rather than imprison the Greek people with further economic turmoil.

“Actions on behalf of the EU institutions must now be progressive, swift and decisive.  The Irish government needs to reposition itself on this issue and support the Greek government in negotiations.  Anything less will be a betrayal of democracy and the Greek people”.


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