IFA to elect new President and to conduct a thorough review of the structures in the Association

Following a lengthy meeting of the IFA Executive Council in Dublin, the IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary said a number of clear decisions were taken unanimously in the best interests of farmer members, including an election for a new President, the ratification of the review to be conducted by Con Lucey, and the challenge to any severance package for the former General Secretary, Pat Smith.


Tim O’Leary said the Council had a full discussion on all of the issues and resolutions.


During the meeting, Eddie Downey tendered his resignation as President of the IFA and an election will be held to elect a new President of the Irish Farmers’ Association.


Tim O’Leary announced that the former IFA Chief Economist Con Lucey has agreed to conduct a thorough review of the structures in the Association around corporate governance and related matters, including issues around remuneration and will report to the Executive Council on Tuesday, 15th December. The Executive Council unanimously welcomed Con Lucey’s involvement as an important step forward in re-building the trust of farmers.


The Executive Council decided unanimously to fully defend the Association and use all legal avenues to challenge any severance package of the former General Secretary Pat Smith.


In order to take account of the unprecedented situation which exists and all developments, the Executive Council has decided that the Rules and Privileges Committee will meet immediately in order to advise Council on the best time frame and process, taking account of the rules and the practical feasibility within the IFA Constitution and Rules.


Members should make submissions to conluceyreview@ifa.ie by Monday, 7th December.


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