IFA Survey Shows 20% Fall In Diesel Cost

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman James McCarthy has reported a 20% fall in the cost of agricultural diesel in the most recent fuel price survey carried out by the Association. The current national average price is 51.16 cent per litre.


However, farmers in Kerry, Leitrim, Mayo and Westmeath continue to pay above the average for agricultural diesel, with farmers in Kerry paying 54.5 cent per litre. James McCarthy continues his call for farmers to challenge suppliers to reduce fuel prices in line with declining oil prices internationally.


The quarterly fuel price survey is also reporting a 12% fall in car diesel price, with farmers now paying an average price of 102.76 cent per litre, and a decline in the price of kerosene this quarter by 20% to 47.06 cent per litre.


Full details of the fuel price survey and more IFA input surveys are available on the IFA’s app, iFarm and at www.ifarm.ie.


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