10 Tips to Follow for a Stress Free Road Trip this Summer

Motoring solutions specialists, easytrip Ireland, Ireland’s only parking and tolling provider, is advising drivers to prepare in advance for road trips this summer holiday season as the June bank holiday weekend approaches.  With more vehicles taking to the roads, motorists tend to be more susceptible to breakdowns, accidents and penalties, in times of heavy traffic.

10 Tips to Follow for a Stress Free Road Trip this SummerBelow are 10 tips from easytrip for motorists to follow for a stress free road trip this summer:

  1. Inspect car before you set off – make sure the vehicle is safe and in good working order. Check oil, water, fuel levels, tyres, headlights, indicators and windscreen wipers. Ensure coolant levels are at the right level also to avoid overheating.
  2. Have a good pair of sunglasses – and wear them whilst driving as summer sun can cause a glare on the windscreen and reduce your visibility.
  3. Getting stuck in traffic – stay calm and get a passenger to use a smartphone with GPS to seek any suitable alternative routes using Google Maps App to check traffic conditions in the area.
  4. Air filter – check your air filter has been replaced as this can greatly help any asthma or hay fever sufferers travelling in the car.
  5. Road trip snacks – don’t overlook the ever-important car snacks. Make sure they are portable and transport-resistant to reduce any spillage.
  6. Mobile phone charger – ensure you have an in-car mobile phone charger with you in case of a breakdown or accident.
  7. Braking distance – if your car is loaded with luggage and people, the extra weight means your braking distance will be increased so make sure you leave room between you and the car in front.
  8. In car entertainment – agree in advance on a music playlist and any toys or DVDs (for the portable DVD player) to entertain passengers. Always have a few games as backup for children in case the inevitable boredom sets in.
  9. Stay safe – don’t use your mobile phone whilst driving, stick to the speed limit and ensure all passengers are wearing their safety belts at all times.
  10. And finally, be patient – you may get stuck behind a tourist who’s lost so be patient on the road and enjoy the drive.

Colin Delaney, General Manager, easytrip Ireland said, “With secondary schools finishing up this month to facilitate exam time, this June bank holiday is expected to be one of the busiest weekends on Ireland’s roads. We all know that driving can be stressful, but when it comes to summer road trips it’s important to enjoy it and the time with friends and family. Preparation is key to avoid any travelling mishaps along the way and to ensure a pleasant journey is had by all.”

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