Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with incredible stories of how the Irish have changed the world

For centuries the Irish have had an impact on the world far beyond what you would expect for a tiny nation on the edge of Europe. Available in time for St Patrick’s Day, ‘What Have the Irish Ever Done for Us?’ by David Forsythe is an illustrated collection of the wonderful ways the Irish have contributed the world, both at home and abroad.
Celebrate St Patrick's Day with incredible stories of how the Irish have changed the worldDid you know that Tipperary native Brendan Bracken (1901) was Churchill’s private secretary? During WWII he was made Minister for Information. In this role one of his employees was the writer George Orwell, who reportedly based his novel 1984 on his experiences, with the omnipotent villain ‘Big Brother’ being inspired by Bracken’s own initials.
Filled with quirky illustrations by Alba Esteban, this book recounts some of the hundreds of ways the Irish, and their descendants across the globe, have made their mark throughout history, with stories of courage, ingenuity, perseverance and selflessness. Including some well-known people, alongside some people you will be surprised that you have never heard of before, the book covers the areas of science, engineering, literature, art, entertainment and more!
Did you know that the inventor of the ejector seat was from County Down? Do you know the story of the woman from Cork who saved hundreds of Jewish children during the Holocaust? Did you know that the submarine was invented by a man from Clare? Have you heard about the woman from Offaly who saved a train filled with 200 people from dying in Iowa? These and many more stories await inside these colourful pages.

Paperback €14.99 / £12.99 ISBN: 9781782189046

Release date: March 8th

David Forsythe is a journalist and author, widely published in the British and Irish press, and was the scriptwriter for the RTÉ television series The Celtic Songlines. The son of an Irish mother and English father, David was born and brought up in London and currently lives in West Cork, where he is the editor of the West Cork Times.

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