Macra na Feirme: CAP Budget Cut Makes a Mockery of Farming and Environmental Commitments

The proposal by the EU Council to cut funding to the CAP budget has been slammed by the young farmers organisation Macra na Feirme.

The proposed Multi Annual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2021-2027 includes €45 Billion in cuts to CAP and Natural Resources and Environment undermining all commitments made by Member States on either environmental supports or commitment to safe affordable food. 

“To propose increases to the likes of big tech companies and the European Space program while cutting something so essential to European citizens as safe food and environmental protection makes a mockery of commitments by the European States” said Macra na Feirme National President Thomas Duffy

Macra rejects the suggestions that this MFF proposal could be called a Just Transition. Cuts to Pillar 1 funding jeopardises the work of farmers to meet increasing regulatory demands while cutting Pillar 2 funding devastates ambition for environmental and social efforts under the Rural Development Program.

“Redistributing farmer payments while cutting the total budget is the exact opposite of the principle of Just Transition regardless of what name the European Council puts on a small fund” added Duffy.

Macra urges all sectors and all other Member States to reject these proposals. Citing the fact that agri-food and beverages make up 10% of Ireland’s exports and 7.7% of total employment in 2019, President Duffy highlights that a huge number of people rely on primary producers for their survival.

“The Taoiseach must strongly reject this proposal and stand up for both farmers and those who wish to protect the environment. Our government must stand strongly against the so called Frugal Five and the attempts to undermine CAP by refusing to increase contributions to the European community” Duffy added.

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