Lower Electricity Prices as Community Power absorbs rate increase

Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplier, Community Power, will be offering cheaper electricity to its customers as it absorbs the recent increase in rates charged for use of the electricity distribution network.

Most other electricity suppliers have increased their prices to pass on the rate increase to their customers. However, Community Power are keeping their prices the same. This is a welcome announcement to the many customers who now face an increase in electrical usage coming into the winter months and with more people staying at home due to the Level 5 restrictions.

Lower Electricity Prices as Community Power absorbs rate increase

The price freeze also applies to new customers switching to Community Power for their electricity supply.

Do you know where your electricity comes from? Who is producing the electricity that powers your lights, TV, fridge etc.? This is something that most of us don’t even think about. However it’s something that Community Power wants to change. You can now choose to buy your power from local community owned electricity generators

Community Power is a partnership of community energy groups from Tipperary, Limerick, Galway, Mayo and Dublin and is now working to support more renewable energy projects in communities across Ireland working to create a sustainable energy future for their local areas. Two 100%  community owned Solar Farms in Mayo and Galway, supported by Community Power, were successful in the recent RESS Auction.

Anyone can switch electricity supplier online via the website communitypower.ie. Community Power have committed to always offering fair, consistent, competitive prices and will never offer low rates only to hack up the prices later.

The company wants Ireland to run on clean renewable power, developed for people, owned by people. They recognize Ireland’s energy system is in crisis, with over 90% reliance on climate polluting fossil fuels and they are working to change that. Community Power wants the many benefits of generating renewable power to be shared by the people and communities of Ireland, and they want people to be able to afford to power their homes.

Profits from Community Power will be used to develop more community owned renewable energy.  To find out more visit communitypower.ie or phone 067-56005

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