The Greatly Anticipated Book ‘This Man’s Wee Boy’ To Hit The Shelves.

Tony Doherty’s debut book, This Man’s Wee Boy, will hit the shelves on Wednesday 10 August.  The greatly anticipated and hugely compelling story of Tony’s early childhood in Derry from 1967 to 1972 is told through the eyes of an inquisitive and thoughtful boy growing up in a city on the brink of civil war. […]

The Truth Behind The Last Days Of The Irish War Of Independence.

Truce – Murder, Myth and the last days of the Irish War of Independence investigates the popular myths and academic theories surrounding the fight for Irish independence that have been promoted by sections of the media and revisionist historians in Ireland. It exposes many of these as anti-republican propaganda stories invented by the British during […]

Women of the Irish Revolution – New Book

Photographic history of the women who had a key role in Ireland’s revolution   ‘Women of the Irish Revolution’ tells the story of the women who played a role, both directly and indirectly, in the Irish revolution.   These women were vital to the revolutionary movement. They were part of a generation who made a […]

New Book -The Irish Citizen Army

A comprehensive and balanced account of the Irish Citizen Army from its foundation during the 1913 Lockout to defend the workers, detailing its importance in the 1916 Rising and its continued existence right up to the 1940s.   The Irish Citizen Army was originally established as a defence corps during the 1913 Lockout, but under […]